Benefits of Midland Insurance Association

I was searching for a collection of words or a script like most other salesmen that would seal the sale in any conditions, so I joined the local branch meeting of the Life Insurance Society to speak to my peers about those magic words, but they mostly had the usual list of refutations and closing strategies like me. I strongly suggest you to visit Midland Insurance Association to learn more about this.

Finally , I found a single magic word and that word is” ATTITUDE. I heard this from Earl Nightingale ‘s collection of audio tapes. He is an inspiring leader and co-founder of the popular ‘Connant Nightingale’ publishing company. His works were my No 2 resource and those of some of the world’s most experienced sales trainers. I recall driving around between calls every day listening attentively to the words of people like Brian Tracy, Jay Abraham, and Stephan Covey, what a great success education that was. I found the secrets of success, such as the Pareto Principle, Time Management and the Mass Manufacturing Principles of Henry Ford, all of which I applied to my work as I kept reading and listening.

I was lucky to be introduced to a member of a multinational insurance company called The Million Dollar Round Table. At the time, he headed the Life Insurance Association in the UK and I was convinced to apply as a member and attend their annual American conference.

My life was changed by that meeting. Day after day, the buzz of the 6,000 attendees and the way the greatest insurance salesmen of their day stood on the stage to share their storeys about how they created their success, excited and encouraged me so much that for the past 30 years, I have attended that meeting every year.

I decided to specialise in selling pension plans to company directors and groups of workers shortly after that meeting. By using a part-time phone sales person who I had qualified to make appointments with LTD Company Directors for me, I automated the production of appointments for myself.