Diamond Buying Advice

Once you start talking about buying a diamond, you will obviously want the finest diamond you can afford and a precious stone that you will be treasuring forever. Diamonds can be found in a variety of shapes , sizes, colors & qualities. If you’re about to buy a diamond for a marriage ring, you might want to consider spending the two month salary commonly accepted guideline. Nevertheless you should spend as much as you can afford. Diamonds near me is an excellent resource for this. Buying a diamond isn’t like buying a car that’s going to depreciate over time, it’s going to last for generations and is passed down as an heirloom within your family. Diamonds ARE forever, mind.

Make sure you choose the highest quality diamond that is within your range when buying a loose diamond. Don’t buy a diamond merely because it’s “discounted” or the diamond dealer offers a “special price” These “sale” prices and deals are nothing more than a marketing hype and will lead to no real savings on a diamond ‘s price. Diamond prices are controlled by conditions on the international market and availability. Diamonds do not go on sale, unlike other jewelry items, because they do not have enormous profit margins or over inflated prices. Do not confuse a carat weight of diamonds with a diamond ‘s size. Two diamonds of the same carat weight may have measurements and presence of very different diameters in actual size. A badly cut 1.00ct diamond can look like a 0.75ct diamond from the top because it has the same diameter measurements despite different carat weights. Diamonds are priced out by weight of their carat. When cutting a diamond, a diamond cutter always tries to keep as much carat weight and as few inclusions. Sometimes a diamond cut may be sacrificed to produce a higher carat weight diamond. Higher cut quality diamonds — exceptional, perfect and very nice cut diamonds — can sparkle with much more elegance and fire than badly cut diamonds with a lower cut rating.

A diamond’s value is measured by its precise consistency as described by the 4C’s: Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat-weight. It is the sparkle or brilliance which gives unique quality to a diamond. Once they start looking for a gem, several people get distracted. It seems that the fear of either buying a diamond that is not very good quality or paying too much will cause people to go in search of becoming overnight a diamond expert. Having awareness and information about diamonds and the 4C’s-Cut, Color, Clarity & Carat Weight-is a major first step towards buying the right diamond. It’s best to have an understanding of what you’re buying and the process behind buying a diamond before you start shopping on diamond. There is no lack of information available on the Internet today, especially when it comes to learning about diamonds. Here are some crucial steps when embarking on a diamond purchase-

Gain a basic understanding of a fine diamond’s properties. Read about diamonds, and do your homework before beginning to look. There are many good websites offering comprehensive Diamond Education sections where you can learn about diamonds and 4C’s-cutting, coloring, clarity, and carat weight. These are the parameters by which the diamonds are graded and rated.

Set your own schedule. This will determine a lot of the criteria you are looking for for for the gem. So get a fair understanding of what diamonds cost, and the various prices of diamonds. Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds for engagement rings are the most popular diamond shape, but they are also priced higher than a fancy diamond shape. Setting a personal budget will save you a lot of time and help you not over-expand financially.

Decide on the specifications for the diamonds. What shape do you prefer Diamond? Note that besides the Round Brilliant and Princess Cuts, diamonds are made in several different shapes. Fancy Shape diamonds like Asscher, Button, Emerald, Oval, Pear, Marquise, Trilliant and Radiant Cut Diamonds all make special rings of engagement and produce exquisite jewelry in individual designs. When you have selected the diamond shape you want to purchase then start deciding on your other requirements such as the size of the carat, the color of the diamond, the clarity of the diamond and the consistency of the cut.