Common Commercial Refrigeration Problems And Their Solutions

Refrigerators play an important role in commercial food, catering and hospitality businesses functioning smoothly. Regardless of the type of freezer you ‘re using-a Commercial Glass Door Bar Fridge or a chest freezer, if the unit doesn’t work efficiently, it can easily put a strain on the overall process. However, refrigeration problems are not uncommon and interestingly, the problem can be solved more often than you might think without a professional’s assistance. Here are some of the most common problems regarding refrigeration and their solutions.Do you want to learn more? Get More Information

The fridge does not switch on

This is an issue that is often linked to the power supply system, rather than the freezer itself. If your refrigerator unit is not turning on, first check if it is properly plugged in at the right voltage function point, and then switch it on again. If it’s still not working, turn it off and check for any splitting or fraying on the cord.

In the event that you use an extension cord to power up your freezer, the problem may be with the extension. With commercial refrigerators, extending cords are not safe to use, whether it is a mounted freezer or a Commercial Glass Door Bar Freezer.

The fridge doesn’t cool properly

That can be due to many reasons. Start by checking whether the temperature gauge is working properly. Too often opening the door is another common reason for failing to cool the refrigerators. This can also affect the cooling system if the door doesn’t close properly. A problem with the door gasket could cause the door to be closed improperly and the problem will be solved by changing it.

If the room where the unit is installed is hot, this could be the reason for improper inside the unit cooling. Another common reason that could affect the functioning is to place it too close to the wall or other electrical appliances. Some of the other common reasons can be to stuff too many items in it, leaving the cold air to circulate in minimal to no room. If there is no clearance between the shelves and the unit back, the air circulation within the unit may also be affected by this.

Once you have checked all of the above and nothing seems to be the reason, check whether the condenser coil is clean and whether the compressor is functioning correctly. You’ll need professional help to inspect the compressor.

With Commercial Bar Fridges installed very recently, there may be some cooling issues. Simply leave it 24 hours in the appropriate position. The unit might have been kept in a titled position during installation or delivery, leading to the reverse flow of the coolant. Allowing it to sit in the right position will solve the problem by itself.

The ice cream is in the fridge

If your refrigerator has manual defrost, and you see ice build-up in it, the first chance is that you don’t defrost it frequently enough. If it is on auto-defrost, and there is still ice build-up, the defrost system might have some problems.

The other common reason that could lead to the formation of ice within the unit is to leave the door open, or if it does not close well due to some gasket problems. If none of the above appears to be the reason, then the evaporator fan may be having an issue. Check to see if the fan makes noise.

In case parts of the unit’s coils are freezing, there may be some problems with the pressure inside the refrigerator and a professional should check.