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In 1993, a study found that among Americans aged 12 and over 34 percent had tried marijuana in their lives, but only 9 percent of that had used it in the last year, 4.3 percent in the last month and 2.8 percent in the last week, it was shown in studies that there was no difference between users and non-users in GPAs among high school students and among college students it was shown that we In another study, a study funded by the U.S. found that users would work more hours and be more active than non-users. It was shown by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that only 6.7% were positive for marijuana out of 2000 incidents and more than 2/3 were also positive for alcohol. Coppell CBD Association is an excellent resource for this.

I would like you to think about these two things in closing 1) Why is it so many nations in the world have legalised marijuana and have even fewer issues than the U.S., by most accounts? And 2) Why can you buy rolling papers, computer technology posts, pipes, and bongs that are commonly used for the use of marijuana in stores around the world, but smoking it is illegal?

“Smoking marijuana is considered part of culture in other cultures such as India and Jamaica and this form of smoking is sometimes referred to as” herbal medicine. However, due to the rising degree of addiction to marijuana worldwide, and especially in western countries, legal action has been taken to prohibit it and classify it as an illegal substance. As it is considered to be one of the most widely available illicit drugs, controversies over its effects on human health continue to arise in various countries. Marijuana affects the nervous system, the functioning of the brain and the proper understanding of reality, as a person is in a state of narcotic euphoria after smoking marijuana. But the health effects of marijuana are not so important in contrast to other substances, such as cocaine, and can be compared in certain ways to the effects of smoking cigarettes or consuming alcohol. Marijuana affects motivation on the hand with effects on breathing, heart and depressed mood changes, turning the person into one who suffers bad performance at work and in social life.