Detailed Note on Cisco 3750X

Cisco devices, like Cisco routers, or Cisco switches, connect computers as local area networks together. These Cisco devices usually have an account with the administrator. Learn more on WS-C3750X-48PF-L.

You use this to adjust the setup of the router. If you have lost your administrator password, however, you might be able to create a new password by logging into your device

On your machine, through Cisco’s terminal apps.

What You Need to Prepare: Cisco terminal software, network cable. Where to get Password Recovery on a Cisco device? Continue …

Terminal Software

Launch your computer with Cisco Terminal Software. It can usually be located in the Windows Start menu by heading through “Programs,” “Accessories,”

“Communications,” then click “HyperTerminal.” Type “Cisco” as the name of the connection, then click “OK.” Select the option “COM1” from the section “Connect Using” and click “OK.” Configure your terminal connection. Modify the baud rate to “9600,” choose “No comparison” alternative with “8 data bits,” and choose “1 stop bit.”

Come on. Proceed. Connect one end of the network cable to your Cisco system LAN port and the other end to a computer’s network card which has Cisco terminal mounted

Computer Software. Turn off your Cisco device and switch it on again to allow detection by the terminal software.

Build New Password

Type in the terminal prompt “confreg 0x2142,” and press the “Enter” key. Click “delete” and press the Enter key to reboot the system.

Type “no,” then hit the “Enter” key to address every configuration question. When you see the prompt “Router >” type “enable” and press the “Enter” key. Click “Set Memory” and press “Pass” key. Select “write terminal” and press “in” tab.

Select “configure terminal” to start making changes. Type “enable secret (password)” where the new password that you wish to assign to your device is (password). Upon completion click the “Pass” key. Type “0x2102 config-register” and then press “Enter.” To exit configuration mode, hold the “Ctrl” button and press the “Z” key. To save the changes to your Cisco device, type “Write Memory.” Your computer can now use your allocated new password.