Every Home Buyer Has A Different Story to Tell

Having spent nearly a decade in the real estate industry, the author has been attached to the different circumstances and obstacles that home buyers face. Many would think that the buyer’s ultimate dream of “behind every story” of buying a home is to own his own room and maybe realize his dream home. There is no question about that. But there are factors which force home buyers to pursue and buy a house.You can learn more at Element Homebuyers

Moving from one location to another causes environmental change. Often, this is what an person needs to breathe and continue his life. Sure, some of us would just say this is just the melodramatic story of the consumer inspired by a TV drama / reality show. For health reasons, none of us would know that a family member wants fresher air. Or the older daughter needs new surroundings to recover from a traumatic incident.

Some home buyers say the development and expansion story too. Majority of home buyers will be delving into the aim of buying a house to fulfill the independence vision. Perhaps either by moving away from his or her parents to begin an adult life, or by signalling a step into their own family life. There are home buyers who are seeking new house because a new baby on the way would limit the current residence.

Although these stories that in one way or another be the background to home buyer stories, there are some that definitely excell in touching the heart of the author. One particular story worth sharing is about a couple who have found help to find a suitable house for their growing family. While the couple is expecting their new baby, they have a daughter.

Cutting the story short, talks were undertaken to make the seller cut the amount off to the asking price, at least. The deal was concluded through several meetings, and the couple set a date for the move-in. With a lot of excitement about their new home, couple were inviting the author for some lunch. It was a very nice and relaxed day that no one would expect to make it special by making a pivotal point to it.

Although chit-chats, munches, and sips are over, the daughter of the couple was playing merrily on the lawn. She was a very happy child photo like this. Or was it a great image of innocence at the time. It wasn’t until she approached her daddy from behind, hugging him on his legs as he stood. The next scene shocked the couple and the girl was often watching no nearly every scene from a movie.