Understanding the Different Types of Massage Therapy

Believe it or not, over 80 types of massage therapy are actually out there. A variety of these are actually being used in today’s American massage industry. Some of the more popular options happen to include massage of the deep tissues, sports massage, Swedish massage, reflexology, chair massage, acupressure, and many others are also out there. Many people have heard of these names but they don’t really understand much about the different massage options and about what they’re all about. Here’s a closer look at some of these different types of massage therapy. By clicking we get more information about the Belden Village Chiropractic & Wellness Center

One of the many types of massage therapy is called massage therapy with acupressure. This type of massage originates in ancient Chinese medicine. Nowadays it is not only used on humans, it is also used for equine and even canine massage. Meridian therapy is the guide to this massage, leading to the depression of important points on the body. This helps relive blockages as well as tension inside the body , allowing the energy flow to return to normal. This therapy is believed to help with natural healing and restoring the body’s natural balance.

Reflexology is another of the many types of massage therapy that exist outside. It also comes from the medicine of the Orient. On the soles of the feet there are special areas that are connected to different systems and organs within the body. The systems and organs can be stimulated by putting pressure on these different zones, and can provide healing. While typically performed on the feet, reflexology can be performed on the body, hands, and even the face as well.

Sports massage is great for athletes, and is another type of massage therapy that is frequently found today. It is used to help prevent injuries, and is also used to maintain good health. It not only uses some Swedish massage techniques but it also uses some techniques from a number of various contact therapies. Some include hydrotherapy, massage, pressure points, and even fibre-cross therapy. In some cases this type of therapy is also used on animals.

Another type of treatment is known as massage of the deep tissues. It is a basic therapy and most schools teaching massage therapy do actually teach this massage method. It acts profoundly on the lungs, the lungs and other connective tissues to get rid of both stress and pain. Many people with injuries have found this massage technique to be of great help. In some cases, once this has been achieved, consumers will feel some sorrow, but in the end it has positive effects.