The Benefits of a Unique IP Address in Search Engine Optimization

An IP address also known as Internet Protocol address refers to the numerical representation of a specific hardware connected to a private or public computer network. This address has two basic purposes to determine a network interface and to determine the logical location of a computer in question. Why Unique IP Addresses Are Important – SolutionHow is an excellent resource for this. Some network administrators prefer changing their IP address to resolve problems with connections and security breaches. The simple steps which computer users and network administrators should follow if they are interested in changing their device’s address are discussed below.

How to change IP The quick way

Changing a computer’s IP address is a easy matter. The first step to modify one’s address is to turn off the computer and unplug the Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) or cable modem. Wait five minutes, and turn on your computer. Check the IP setup using a command prompt. If no change was made to the address, repeat the procedure. Wait a minimum of eight hours before rechecking the address. If, for example, the address has not been altered, then the best thing to do is to manually change it.

Other options that can be used to change an address by network administrators

It is necessary to launch a command prompt to manually adjust IP ads. Open the computer and select the start button which can be found in a computer monitor’s lower left part of the screen. Select run, and select cmd. Select OK and type the phrase ipconfig/release in the box. Type the phrase ipconfig / renew then and restart the machine to see if the address has been successfully changed.

The first step to changing IP address using a router is to reach the network device’s administrative console. Scan and activate the adress settings. Unplug the computer and wait 8 hours before plugging the unit back again.

Additional data and other relevant information about an IP address

IP addresses are likewise vulnerable to threats to security. Home network administrators are recommended to use email addresses to avoid suffering data breaches. Computer users should have a background on network address translators to use them, since they are essential for public Internet access. The RFC 1918 describes unique spaces which can be used by computer administrators to improve the protection of private IP addresses. These spaces, which are the 16-bit block, 20-bit block and 24-bit block, are divided into three.