Things To Know Before Axe Throwing

There is no easier way to enjoy the break in the lunch than to fire axes. At least, that’s what we felt after enjoying our time at Bad Axe Throwing, which opens up for a three-day open house to the public this weekend. The Indy place of Poor Axe Throwing is the newest venue for the Canadian chain that launched in Ontario for the first time. These are the basics: a wooden goal plate, a line to stand behind, and a big, flat, hard pole to hurl over your head. It’s practically like darts — when you draw back to the bullseye, more points are given. Would you like to know more about tossing axis? Below are ten things that we discovered at our axis tossing session today  Twisted Axes Throw House is one of the authority sites on this topic.

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  1. At Poor Axe Throwing there is more than one axle type to drive. There is more than one angle pronunciation, as well. We are going for the variant of Bad Axe which is more popular in British English than the “ax” spelling in American English After all, they ‘re a Canadian store.
  2. You CAN throw two axes at one time — but it’s more complicated. You should toss the hammer with one eye as well. Staff at the site will be happy to provide a demonstration of throwing.
  3. Your ax-throwing groups are going to be BYOB. There is no food or drink on site, however since much of the business of Bad Axe Throwing is conducted by private parties, you may complement your beer of preference with your axe throws. Plans for a bachelorette party are made, y’ all.
  4. Yeah, Mum, that’s okay. Axe throwers provide on-site training on protective activities. (And both of the NUVO axle throwers go unscathed.)

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  1. Yes, the people ARE awesome to work here. Cry out to Amanda, who gamely demonstrated all sorts of different styles of axis throwing, and nailed each one.
  2. Poor Axe Throwing is a member of the World Axe Throwing Association, Urban Axe Throwing’s governing body for recreational activity. (Do not confuse urban axis throwing with its more wooded equivalent, timber sports, such as the Lumberjack World Championships.) WATL has specific sets of competition rules that you can read through here. Bad Axe Throwing was established in Ontario in 2014, and has expanded quickly in the US and Canada with more than 10 new locations.
  3. Your axis-throwing buddies might be stronger at throwing axes than you are, but experience makes them good. Kat says: How have I learned today at work? My colleagues are amazing axe throwers. I wanted a bit more practice — but, like Amanda suggests, blame it on the board when you have questions regarding your ax-throwing skills. (We usually remove those wooden boards after any session, FYI.)
  4. You may have trouble locating the location — but don’t worry, we have you. Bad Axe Throwing, at 235 S. Meridian St. Unit # 211, near Taps and Brothers and Dolls. Enter the elevator and take it to the second floor; turn left; and follow the sound of metal hitting wood.
  5. Beards and flannel definitely give you an edge. Dress up like a lumberjack, channeling Paul Bunyon ‘s power? It did work for us.
  6. 10. It’s fun to toss an axes like crazy. Look at your cheesin ‘Happy Community Engagement Editor up a storm. That is axis throwing power.